Emu esi 4000 sampler ? Any good?


I agree, I was looking at auctions and local stuff and the old hardware samplers seem to be popping up a lot more as software seems to be better and more prevalent

I do prefer using the hardware though!


Lets start the next big vintage hype - 80ies Samplers!


Well let’s not talk them up too much now :wink:


Why? I already have a E4x and now a S1000 :wink:


Ok. So the DSS is all lined up. $150 is the lowest he would go. He says its in 100% working order. I go to see it after work. I am pretty excited.


Picked it and it is awesome so far. Although you can adjust the resonance in real time I cant seem to adjust the cutoff while holding down keys. I have to release and re-press to hear the change. Not sure what that is all about. Time to hit the yahoo groups.

@dude163 sorry for derailing the thread.


Tom Virostek has developed an upgrade for the DSS-1.


Back in the early 90ies I bought an Akai S-1100 with 10 MB RAM for 8.000 german marks. Unbelievable. I haven´t seen the Akai for round about 10 years now.

But this discussion makes me want to open it an have a look at the RAM-Expansions. I wonder how many parts are needed for 8 MB and if perhaps somebody, sometimes could etch some PCBs…

Mmmh. No, I should better avoid to open it.


If I end up liking this Dss-1 then that Tom Virostek mod is certainly something I would consider.


no sweat on derailing, Im all about geartalk :slight_smile:

at Loopino: an akai s1100 was 8000 marks! aaeeiii


So an update for anyone that is interested. I have been playing with the DSS-1 quite a bit. It sounds pretty amazing. I have been going through the discs and having a great time. There are a few discs labeled Fairlight that are pretty sweet and a number of strings and brasses that sound pretty cool. I have not dug into the Korg discs yet. There was a disc labelled MonoPoly, but unfortunately that didn’t work.

I am still trying to figure out the envelopes, the attack seems to act a bit differently than I am used to…or maybe I am just too far removed from my polys (MS2000 and Darkstar). The DSS has 6 stage envelopes I need to read up on.

Editing is pretty easy for only having two sliders and buttons.


@sammy123 sounds like the envelopes are the same as those on the Poly-800/DW-8000. They do take a bit of getting used to. The idea is that the extra params (Breakpoint, Slope) allow you to create an envelope with an initial attack and decay, then another rising attack phase before reaching the sustain. There’s a diagram here

In practice, I’ve never found the extra stages especially useful. Might be handy for certain brass sounds, I suppose.



Sammy have you seen this page?



Thanks toneburst

@dude163 Yes sir I have. Thank you. I will probably dig into those at some point. I just got my Akai s1000 today. It is nice. Unfortunately I have too many new toys right now…and not enough time or creative energy. I don’t know which one to play with or what to do with them. And I still need to rack mount my Anushri and Dual SVF. And the ms-20 mini…Ahhhhhhhh!


1st world problems, too many synths :slight_smile:


I had a dss-1 that was stolen before I had a chance to really dive in. I watch ebay daily to see whats out there. The thought of sampling then adding the dss-1 effects is making giddy. Must fined. I just missed out on one that went for under $200. Im a damn fool.


There will be more to find, i guess.


@Stashy I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can find a replacement.


Ok I have a USB zip drive now , is there a utility or any way to convert WAV files to the ESI emulator format? or do i have to sample them all in 1 by 1 ? :()


Ive just tried esi-win but it only works if the sampler is connected to the PC , and emxp will only let me create up to emulator 3 discs, so unless i can format the zip discs as Emax or AKAI, I may have to do the 1 at a time deal