Emu esi 4000 sampler ? Any good?


I think we will experience the same as with analog (and now starting with vintage digital) Synths. Soon the Kids will discover that a real Machine is way more Fun to operate and has a distinctive sound and go hunting for all those S-1000s, E4s . . . .


And then realize that their mumbojumbo 2 GB all-in-loops don’t work here, and the are forced to make music themselves. Satanic evil plan to bring quality back into music, hehe…


I sold an S3000xl (minus the 8 outs) for £35 last week. If you have a rack unit to put them in they are quite a good deal. They are big units to have hanging about otherwise.


well I dropped the cash on it and …its crazy cool

100 bucks for a ESI 4000 Turbo Max Zip it was as advertised it has the full upgrade to 128MB ram , the zip drive , and also teh Max effects unit with the extra effects built in! and 9 disks of samples

Now I need to get a USB>Zip drive so I can edit the soundbanks easier , is there an external controller for this that would make using some features easier?


these prices are crazy. a S1000 cost 10.000 DM when it was released in 88, now if you try to sell it you can be lucky if you get 60€ for a fully working unit with max RAM and SCSI. i guess that the material alone must be worth a lot more. but it’s cool!
analog synths used to be almost for free in the 90ies too, but unfortunately i was too late to that party :wink:
i haven’t tried any of the new E/mu samplers yet. i’m curious how they sound


@rosch Yep, I’ve made the same reflection (analog - samplers). I guess many people think the massive sample banks available for VST sample players make hardware obsolete. Being a fan of ASR I love the sound, synth capability and actual hands-on sampling (much more creative than mere sample playback).



I have found that I am trying to sell the larger things and buy smaller synths / units that I can use in a domestic environment and take to friends houses for jams etc. Saying that having one or two rack units is not too bad, and for electronic music you don’t need much really.


Really ? I always end up consuming at least 24 HU, hehe…as i found myself on the way back from VST stuff. In the end you’ll find your style much easier in hardware and having endless possibilities makes creative pathfinding not really easier.


I forgot to mention the guy who sold it to me showed me his studio

He had a JD800, a roland MC500 an Akai s2000 ( (cant remember the number it had a detchable faceplate ) and a Cirklon , everything else was in his DAW , I think he said he uses Logic pro . He also had a massive Akai recording studio/mixer that he used to record with, then he would master in Logic he was a cool guy too


Akai S6000 was the one with the detachable controller…the really stupid thing of this design was that the cable was about 1,2 meters long, which in all cases is way too less for a rack mounted device. I once owned on of these babies, a really mighty sampler these days.


I was incorrect, Akai Z8 is what he has



Oh, one of the modern ones.


Well this is a little more complex than expected, but holy cow, what a nice sounding filter / effects set!


I just picked up a Akai S1000…I have no idea what I am in store for. I am interested hear how you use yours. I might have the chance for a cheap DSS-1 as well. Both come with some disks for little inspiration.


Go for the DSS-1![](. It has analog filters) + it’s more of a sampling synthesizer then a sampler.


Right now I can get it for $150…I am waiting to hear on the condition. I am pretty excited. Includes 100 disks of samples. The description says “reasonable condition” and the photos are not that great. Its not really in the budget, but whatever…I want it.


Unbelievable. I just got a MINT S1000PB, full memory with SCSI Drive and a whooping amount of Disks (120+ or something…) for 68€


Nice Frank. Its a great time for old samplers I guess. If I can score this DSS I will be a happy man. I know idea where I am going to put it though. It is pretty big. I kinda want a s3000 and s950 as well, but I will leave that for next year or the year after.


@sammy123 bear in mind the DSS-1 is super BIG, and very heavy, by all accounts. Make sure you have room for it, and a cheap way to transport it. And a reinforced floor… :wink:

Also, apparently, the disk drives on those machines tended to die.