EMS DIY/Modular meet Wednesday the 29th in Stockholm

It seems that a certain mr Mark Verbos is visiting: "http://www.99musik.se/showthread.php?324833-EMS-DIY-tr�ff-onsdag-den-29-e-april-med-Mark-Verbos

The meet is at EMS at 18:00 sharp. The tunnelbana/subway/underground Slussen is close, otherwise Mariatorget or Hornstull will work fine. It’s a 5 min walk no matter what. S’gonna be interesting. See you there!

Wrong date, wrong city :confused:

Saw the man and the modules up close. The harmonic oscillator is fairly unique and was a very nice surprise, plus the dual quad filter sounded excellent! Way better than in any demo video :slight_smile:

Now If could also score some of the latter MI modules and the problem with how to spend all the unnecessary money from this year’s tax return in June will be solved!