‘Eloquencer Sessions’ (2018): Album Premiere

Hi All! :chains:

Came here to spread the news of something new and exciting: for all the fans of modular techno, analog electronica, and everything improvised. I have just released a eurorack album made on 6U system & a pair of Volca drum machines. :woman_cartwheeling:

It’s very “mutable” in sense 2 of 4 dedicated voices are Tides & Warps. In fact, there is barely a second on this album where you don’t hear former one, as it’s on bass duties all throughout.

Moving on, some other modules that make sounds are Sputnik DWG (258C) & Telharmonic. Both are very active on noise / sfx forefront, save for occasional chord stabs & melodies. As a matter of rule, lead lines are played by Warps (so both MI modules handle the most important duties), but the signal path is such that it is mixed with telH P OUT and then going to the PT2399 mod. delay, so the resulting timbre is sometimes blend of the two. In fact, you can read some more technical bits in this thread and on the album page.

To add some more “behind the scenes” info, the most remarkable appearance of MI modules is no doubt at 28:50 of second track “B2: Bell Tower Operation”. The massive bass you hear is Tides through L-1 2180 LPF with Smoothness cranked up (for biased VCA action) and the associated CV in pinged with PTG envelope, for folding the waveform all the way up. Soon, Warps would join (29:57) with distant echoey melody line.

All in all, there is enough clues here and in a thread on Muff’s to make out which oscillator’s playing what: both Sputnik with its raw & vintage analog character (258C) and Telharmonic have rather distinctive tone I would think, apart from these, no more items in the sound source list :sunny:

Anyhow, for quite a while I used to perform live with “just” mutable sound sources (the 3U rack era), hopefully many of you would be curious to check that out in my live clips ‘Another Dimension’ and Belarus Electronic Music: Techno Squat 303 (starting at 1:39:14).

I sincerely hope you would not overpass this release: I put a lot of heart & effort into making it and intentionally made it free to download & stream. This is Magnum Opus work of mine, at this point :man_cartwheeling::thought_balloon:

Last, let me know: If there’s interest, I can upload it in 24-bit / 44.1 WAV.

C h e e r s ! :sparkles:

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