Elettrorama support sharing & open hardware

Thanks to everyone who participated in many in this thread!
Elettrorama not produce shruthi but updates the design, ownership of the project is and remains the mutable instrument. Anyone looking for on the net can understand who is the owner of the original project. Elettrorama just trying to spread a very interesting project and based on sharing. We also produce other machines but not for money (mass-produce the machines of this kind is really very difficult) but only in the spirit of sharing.In this thread
(http://www.mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/4319/warning-about-elettrorama#Item_7) many people explain some motivations and comments about our activities. We believe that our philosophy is legitimized by our support for free trade and sharing of projects, ideas and new technologies.
If some of our supporters have had problems with the reception of the assembled machines it was only for problems with carriers and international forwarding.
attach some pictures of some shruthi models that we have redesigned.
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ok, maybe the whole open source concept isn’t exactly sinking in for you. Let me help. MI hardware design is open source meaning you are pretty much free to do with it as you will as long as you credit the designer and document your work (*edit AND share your design). It’s a whole different thing to spam the official forums with your wares though, you built it, you sell it, you support it and dont expect any one here to do that for you. This is my personal opinion and Pinchenettes is free to chime in with a different viewpoint seeing that this is his design and his site but from where I am standing, you are exploiting a 100 times more than contributing…

Its not you that define the philosophy of use of open source designs, its the CC-by-SA License.
And to make it even more clear: where are your case design files? These must be published under the same CC-by-SA License as the original design, your things build upon are licensed by this. I don’t see you “share” anything, all i see is advertisement for your builds.

Sharing means taking and giving back, at least here in the open source world, and as far as i can see you are failing at giving back so far.

"ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. "

Maybe this might help: http://www.creativecommons.it/

With this thread we just want to demonstrate the seriousness of our work. No advertising or spam. We know CC and respect the basic idea of ​​MI that has created and shared a project absolutely unsurpassed.

These people really don’t know when to stop, do they?

But wouldn’t the CC-by-SA license allow them to sell cases that they themselves have designed, as long as they don’t contain anything that uses Mutable-Instruments CC-by-SA files/license?

If I sold wooden cases for the shruthi, I wouldn’t be expected to upload the case design, unless I had used the original case files in my design…

In other words, just because the case could be used on the shruthi, as long as they are not just a different material, I’d be fine.

I don’t like the way they seem to do business, by selling other peoples creations, with no support, but that doesn’t bend the rules of the license :confused:

The cases use the MI logo?

Did you bother to criticize the terms of the award of the project, who better to consider the effort to publicize and disseminate the work of MI. We respect your opinion but not “share”

So you you build your business (partly) on Mutable Instruments hard work who graciously share everything but dont want to give anything back, even if then only thing thats asked to publish your design files that are derived from MIs and even use the MI Logo?

You are right, you are not sharing, you are stealing - at least from my point of view.

Clearly the “take a penny, take a penny” business model.

It’s pretty simple. If you want the complaints to stop, follow the CC-SA license and share your case files - for a start.

very magnanimous of you O.

Last thing: People who would be interested in these funky designs would probably not have been interested in the original MI designs in the first place, or in any of the builds by the trusted builders. If someone sold a keytar Shrüthi with skulls and zombies, I wouldn’t even take it as “competition” because I’ve never considered these people as part of my customer base in the first place.

There are bunch of not OK things with these builds, that Elettrorama is willing to fix, so let’s stay cool about it and see if they take the necessary steps.

What should be done for the case is arguable - it doesn’t look like a derivative of the original plexi design so one could say that they are selling the open-source electronic hardware & firmware in their own proprietary case. This is not different from selling a Shruthi in one of Adrian’s cases.

They are certainly much more interested in getting things right than the shady ebay operations we’ve seen here in the past. The wording on their ebay page makes it clear that this is their build of the project.

I’m afraid it’s not possible to find a legal framework that would ban such projects without also impacting the kind of mods/builds/cases we like here.

Now they’re selling em in eBay for 200€. How’s that even possible.

Assembly in China would be my guess.

I bought the black one…it’s ace!
They were very helpful. It is well built and i bought it because i loved the case design.
I wasn’t confident building one myself and don’t like the other case designs i had seen around (apart from XT)
I certainly don’t feel cheated in any way…
Just wanted to say in fair balance…