I think if you have the patience and skill to solder all those SMT components, then you probably deserve to get your MI modules on the cheap. I can’t imagine there are ever going to be enough people prepared to invest the necessary time to put any kind of significant dent in Olivier’s profit margins, anyway.

I can 100% understand why he doesn’t want to deal with any requests for support from those dedicated few, though.


Whoa - it didn’t “click” when you said it was DIY, so I didn’t understand the donation comment. Wow, seriously, more power to you for doing all that painstaking work by hand. What did you do for a front panel? Oh, and I spent 2 more hours last night with the modular, mainly with Elements and a multed sloth module.

@cold_fashioned quite a few intrepid builders have tackled MI modules. You’ll see some of them in the (increasingly inaccurately-named) Census of successfully assembled kits thread. Not for the faint-hearted, though.


My Elements panel is one I bought from Altitude- similar to the one he shows in the build Thread. I think he said he had them made by CAM Expert.

Two Sloths feeding a JAG, Chaos Brother and Turing Machine provided enough modulation to actually start making a dent in all of those inputs!

i m unfortunately having a slight problem updating the firmware in order to get into the chord mode… i ve tried connecting different varieties of jacks both balanced and unbalanced. When i replay the file, i can hear it on my mixer and i see the lights start to blink about after the initial beep. It is hard to judge if the lights light up asynchronous or not because the blink pretty fast, so since at the end of the soundfile elements does not restart, i tried to adapt volume but it seems to have a certain point where it just gets into said blinking mode or does not light up at all - in all 3 settings, at low, mid, and slightly orange volumes and with either connection, balanced and unbalanced. and according to the update procedures

switching to ominous mode seems to work just fine and everything else is dandy so far, i hope you can help me out here.

Hmmm, have you put the module in firmware update mode before playing the audio file into it?

actually i did follow the update procedure as written in the online manual. Also, when i try to change mode, all pots are in the designated positions as to your manual. What makes me wonder is that the lights blinking starts at such a specific volume but does not seem to gradually increase light intensity from zero upwards. it starts blinking very fast and you see the light is pretty intense. and from that blinking intensity and frequency there is not much change happening if i change the volume using the assigned pot on the panel. It doesn´t seem to change or go away if i reduce the volume coming in… I will try again, since i got a little frustrated in my trial and error and try to come up with a case-oriented table of what modes i used. and maybe a video so you can see the troubleshoot, if it works i might just upload a “how to updates elements” video…

Also what puzzles me, is that the entry bleep clearly kicks of the blinking LED party from a given volume on, but the song ends without restart. I´ve tried using my phone as well as my PC connected via a deejay mixer and using VLC?

Is it maybe a lack in mono conversion? tried balanced and unbalanced jacks, but the outgoing signal is stereo coming from the VLC and sent via either a balanced or unbalanced (left) cable, might that be the issue?

It might just be a noob thing, seeing that i m pretty new to modular… But i did read and follow the instructions and my suspicion is that there is some little detail missing out that might be ovious for modular fans but not obvious for beginners… but then, it was very late at night, so right now it is kinda hard to judge

Do you power the module on with the encoder pressed?

yes of course, i can clearly see it going into the receiving mode (encoder blinking) pots on the left side of the module all turned CCW and all pots on the right CW as far as i remember… i did gradually open up the volume control before giving it a full go until i saw the lightshow.

The mixer in question is a A&H DB4 also used as the main soundcard in this case. working properly.

Unfortunately i m not sitting right in front of my rig atm… B.t.w. thx for the quick response, your response time and customer service is world renowned and people in vienna i talked to were smiling when they were talking about their experience with you at modular fairs. So i ll use this opportunity to send you my sincere KUDOS! Your work is appreciated and i m not the only one holding my seat in expectations of what you are going to release next…

Then you should try posting a video in which you show me how you do it… If something wrong happens during the procedure, the module won’t be able to start normally, so it seems to me that it’s failing right at the first seconds of data transmission.

well, it took me quite a while but here is the video of the elements firmware patch not working, both trying a mono cable from one of the mixers stereo booth outputs and first using a stereo cable from the mixers cue output. both by replaying the firmware patch .wav in Audition. funky enough the module either gets a signal and starts blinking fast and bright right away or not at all. even if the volume would be decreased back to zero on the replaying source the module keeps blinking. does not restart.

to explain, the module was already set in update mode (play button switched on power on, blow on 12 o´clock)

unfortunately i have no amp module or input module to route through and i couldn´t exactly take from the muffwiggler posts that this was a necessity. Hope for more information what i do wrong

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