Can’t find anyone with these in stock, are they still available? If so, when will the next batch be shipped to dealers ?


Great, I also just found out London Modular have them…just got off the phone to Simon…

I am going to London Modular, no matter how much I read, or how many videos I watch in regards to euroack gear, I am still a bit miffed and have a ton of questions I need answering…The guys at London Modular said they would be happy to help…fantastic

Oooh Its exciting and my credit card is going to take one hell of a hit soon ha! :smiley:

! Straight from the horses mouth! Time to check in on my pre-order!

Ah, so far it seems like Euro dealers are getting stuff in. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the US dealers start receiving theirs. Exciting!

cold_fashioned>>> I watched a few videos with the Elements, there is one on Vimeo by Richard Divine that sold the unit to me, wow it sounds great!

Checked Escape From Noise just by chance and there was an Elements in stock. Bolted for the Buy button. Now I just have to wish that the parcel from the southern parts of greater Stockholm will reach my digs really fast, like stat…

Now if there was only some way of getting hold of a Clouds :wink:

Oh wow, congratulations Jojjelito! I am still saving up for one, I hope they don’t go out of production before I have saved enough

There’s one at London Modular too, it’s tempting but I don’t really have the money right now. It’s definitely one I want though.


Yeah, I’m happy I could score one! I also have to admit I got a little miffed by the delay between mass availability and getting taunted by videos of famous people having the only four or something examples on the module in existence :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, I decided to take a sober look at how hard it is to launch a complex and expensive module in volume. I suspect and hope that Elements and Clouds has sold more than the initial estimates. That said, I’d pick up a Warps and Rings and what not almost sight unseen :slight_smile: I hope for good initial availability for those two, I hope to avoid any long wait I guess.

Shipment notification! My elements is on its way from Detroit Modular. Woohoo!

Awesome! Congrats @cold_fashioned

I just received one Elements and one Clouds from Control Voltage (Portland). I am now waiting on the second Elements, which I understand will ship closer to the end of the month.

Two Elements, and a clouds I need a better paid job LOL congrats Ivolvanov

Thanks @Adam :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve nearly filled a 12U Elite 416 case with 100% MI modules and own a second which I plan to fill with 100% MI also!

I am definitely grateful to have the resources to do this.

Been into Euro since 2007 and for me MI is the best.

I just lost several hours in the world of Elements. It’s a DIY and It’s just wonderful. I was finding great moments with control with Doepfer ribbon controller and modulation from Chaos Brother, Turing Machine and Frequency Central Ultra Wave.

I’m very interested in the possibilities of Chaos CV modules subtly modulating Elements so I’ve ordered parts for Nonlinear Circuits Sloth module specifically for Elements and Clouds.

I’d like to try the Lorenz attractor mode in Streams…

That sounds great Makers, elements is high on my list to buy, will be getting Peaks and Grids beforehand :slight_smile:

If you like it so much then slip the designer a few quid? after all, it wouldn’t have existed otherwise and he doesn’t work for free.

Makers - we’re on the same page - I just built a Sloth (regular, not super sloth) module from NLC, specifically interested in how its modulations will work with Elements. Whenever I start patching Elements, I also lose track of time!

6581punk- I hear you. I do have some sense of guilt for having the DIY Elements in my rack. But, for the record, I’ve bought Braids, Tides, Frames, Clouds, Peaks, Grids and many CVPal kits! That aside I do hope to contribute to the comunity by making something new derived from Olivier’s designs and I’d gladly make a donation if that were appreciated.

Does anyone with Elements also have Streams and willing to try the hidden mode?

No problem then Makers :slight_smile:

It’s just there was a huge number of people planning on building DIY modules over at Muffs and I wrong assumed you were one of those.