Elements volume. Lower price than Rings (and others)?

I’ve had Rings for a while… just bought an Elements used and have felt the output is lower than other modules. Tonight I just compared Rings to Elements head to head… and Rings had much more output level. Even with all three exciters turned up full… still couldn’t match Elements output to Rings. Both were going into Clouds and then directly out to soudcard.

Anyone else have similar experience or suggestions for studying this?

You should not expect the same output level from Elements and Rings. These are different modules! Not the same signal flow, sample rate. A different use of both outputs. And they will not patched in the same configuration!

Ok. So it’s true that Elements has a lower output than all of my VCOs? (STO, Erica Black Wavetable, Braids, DPO, Telharmonic, etc) All of the other modules seem to be approximately the same output level, but Elements was about 1/2 or 2/3 their output. It seemed that way… but I thought maybe there was a setting I hadn’t discovered… I just didn’t really understand why it was like that.

There seems to be quite a lot of variation in Euro module output volume. For example, my Dinky’s Taiko module is waaaaay louder than any of my other modules.


> I just didn’t really understand why it was like that.

STO, Erica Black Wavetable, Braids, DPO, and Telharmonic all do the same thing: they directly generate a “solid” waveform always at full amplitude.

But Elements is not a VCO. The signal chain is ridiculously complicated compared to those. If you want to give headroom for the worst case scenario (all exciters at full amplitude, the TIMBRE of each exciter adjusted so that the spectrum of the excitation has a lot of energy at one of the most resonant frequencies of the resonator), you’ll end up with a smaller amplitude for many other combinations of settings.

I see… makes perfect sense in that context.