Elements stuck in easteregg mode


i bought a used elements and i cant get it out of easteregg mode. after many hours of reading and searching both this forum and muffwiggler forums i have seen a number of people with this issue but no solution, explanation of if they solved it and how or even responses to their cries for help.

i have repeatedly carried out the procedure to change modes with the utmost care to ensure i am doing it correctly to no avail.

is it possible i need to do a firmware update or something?

[additional info: if i do the procedure to cycle through the three dif string models this seems to give the expected results as far as flashy lights goes yet the sounds coming out and knob responses are cl;early indicative of it being in easteregg mode. also, the procedure to change out of easteregg mode seems to just be cycling through the three dif string models although i’m not certain if thats just me being confused…]

Is this a genuine factory Elements ?
If it helps, there’s someone on Muffwiggler currently having a pretty much identical problem with an Antumbra Atom.

Can you post a video? I need to check that you do the procedure correctly. It could be caused by a defective pot not read at the correct position.