Elements Strength input as 'VCA'?

Hello friends/nerds,

I’ve been pondering this for a little while but do not have anything like the coding smarts to do (or then turn into a wav).

Has anyone rolled a firmware where the strength input on Elements behaves more like the level input on Plaits? As in when a cable is plugged in, the amount of mixed impulses fed to the resonator will be under voltage control (as opposed to how it currently is where the voltage is added to the amount on the knobs). I love the idea of being able to naturally fade out the impulses and leave the resonater side ringing out.

I’m guessing that it would require input detection though which I don’t think really became a thing until the Marbles/Plaits/Stages era? In a pinch, even being able to subtract a -ve voltage from the strength input could work to with a little external processing.

I suppose seeing as I am begging for changes, I’d also love to see the AHD envelopes be lot longer both in and out but that’s also something that could be tweaked over the strength cv using an external envelope.

It’s a thing I do quite a lot with Rings and external sources currently but Elements is it’s own thing and it’d be nice to be able to play with in a similar way.


TLDR because I’ve probably explained myself really badly. I like to feed Elements a constant gate to make it drone, it would be nice to be able to use the strength input with an external knob or CV to set the level of impulse that is fed to the resonator from 0 to full as opposed to the way it currently behave which is more of an accent.