Elements of Crime

Elements of Crime : Grendel and…Elements. Mainly ( second with the grendel drone eurorackDC2)

How does embed SC works here?

You can’t use the iframe embed here. The best thing is to post them as a clickable link. See here

Sure you can…


ok , V Cent ,thanks for doing it , but how?

Then directly to the left side of the second quotation mark:
So line 1 and line 3 on one line, with no spaces whatsoever. Works for youtube as well.
Since it turns into a link to >>soundcloudlink<< if I post it correctly, I had to do it this way.

Familiarize yourself with the “textile” markup language used in this forum, then it’s just a matter of formatting the URL as a clickable link.
Again, read THIS if you haven’t done so yet.


I read but dont get it “So line 1 and line 3 on one line” cant tell what are those lines even after reading THIS

it works ! (not on preview tho)

thanks rumpelfilter
last tune made from clouds only as generator (generestor!) Nestor mode