Elements malfunctioning


ive ran into a problem with my elements module. 2 months ago i put the 1.1 firmware on it and it was all fine up until today when i attempted to switch the mode. i switched modes before and it all worked. but somehow today it started to behave badly:

in all three modes, all i can hear are strange crackles and hissy sounds. i double checked all the knobs, if some knob tweaking was the source of it, but there seems to be an issue with the module itself. i tried reloading the firmware again, which seemed to work properly, but it didnt help.

has anyone experienced the same problem? how can i fix it?

besides those unwanted sounds i can still hear the sound that is supposed to come out of the module, but its ultraquiet, only audible when i turn the volume on the speakers fully up

Ask the store from which you bought it if they can return it to me.

ok thanks.
i am in paris until the end of month. i could maybe also bring it directly to you if youre located in paris?

ok i figured out, that the mixer the elements was plugged to has a problem on channel 3 and 4…so the elements actually seems to be fine.