Elements Live: faster mode switching


I made a tiny edit to Elements that makes it very fast to switch between the 3 resonator modes and the Ominous Voice Easter egg.

You can download it from here:

Once the firmware is installed, hold the GATE button and rotate the Resonator “Geometry” knob all the way from low to high (or from high to low, the important thing is that the knob touches both extremes). Keep holding GATE, and now the position of “Geometry” selects between the 3 resonator modes and the “Easter Egg” mode. Let go of GATE to keep the setting. Repeat the entire procedure to change modes.


Can’t wait to try this out, thank you!

This gesture is clever and quick, I like it. I could only find three of the modes though.

From fully CCW to CW I get:
One blink - modal (default)
Two blinks - inharmonic string
Three blinks - chords
One blink again - modal

What if only the resonator led blinked to indicate modal/sympathetic/inharmonic modes and the exciter led blinked for the chords & ominous voice?

(Edited for clarity)

You were right, easter egg was not loading. I’ve updated the firmware wave available at the same release URL.

Thanks for this, excellent work. I’ve spent the last two evenings playing with “ominous voice” I always knew it was there, but could never be bothered to activate it :wink:

This is great! I haven’t access to my elements in this moment, but I can’t wait to test it when I can it.

I hadn’t installed firmware 1.1 as I had mistakenly assumed I would lose Ominous in doing so. Late to the party but having a blast with the chords!!!

Thanks again th0mas–mentioned it over on the other forum but wanted to let others know this worked perfectly on my end.

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Hi, I’ve just installed this firmware, I don’t know if I miss something but I can only change between ominous voice and modal mode. If I go from low to high, I get always Omnious, and if I go from high to low I get always modal. I’ve understood this procedure change between inharmonic and chords modes, isn’t it? How it suppose to change this modes?

Hi nokulture!

It’s a bit weird but, going from low to high, or high to low, is just the handshake to go into “mode switch”. Keep holding down the “GATE” button, don’t let it go, and now turn the knob one more time and the four modes are spread across the whole range of the knob. Only let go of GATE once you’re in the mode you want.

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Ahm! I get it. It works fine for me like that, it’s awesome. Thanks! :smiley:

Awesome revision… this makes life so much easer! Thank you.

Just installed firmware today. Thanks.

I’ve always loved Elements as a voice but have struggled to get sounds I consistently like when used as a external in resonator effect. Having quick access to the other modes is fantastic and I’m loving it already.

Also, for anyone planning on installing this firmware the update file goes in the fuchsia EXT IN (ie: it does nothing if it goes into the green ext.in)

Just installed it - works great,