Elements help

Newbie here coming from hardware world. I have elements module a Pico dsp module a Rosie and midi to cv converter module. There is single input and cv input into the dsp and left and right outs on elements. What is the best way to go about connection to dsp with 1 input? I have ordered a dual eg lfo Erica Synths as well as their quad vca. They have not arrived yet I have a Pico vco on way also with 2 banksnod 16 wave forms. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Just patch the right output of Elements to the Pico DSP’s IN; and set SPACE fully CW.

This will disable Elements’ stereo reverb - which you don’t need because I guess that’s what you’re using the Pico DSP for.

(I would have started with modulations / LFOs instead of the Pico DSP since Elements’ already has a reverb).