Elements has (edit -->NOT GOT) an i2c header!

Shifting some stuff about to fit Crow in I noticed that Elements has an i2c header. I can’t see any documentation for how this might be used but it’s a really deep module and the idea of being able to meddle with it a bit is interesting.

I’ve not connected it as I’m still new to i2c but wondered if any of you have given it a go?

No, Elements doesn’t have an “I2C header”. Don’t connect it!

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I haven’t, I’m not that confident.

I just saw Ground, Rx and Tx on a header and assumed that was i2c.

Looking at it now, the pins are not even next to each other, rookie mistake.

Thanks for the fast warning!

Also, thanks for making Elements, I just got it last week and am really enjoying it!

Rx and Tx are shortcuts for “Receive” and “Transmit”. It can be any protocol (USB, I2C, Serial…).


I2C would be labeled SDA and SCL…

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Yup, I was making connections between crow and JF and suddenly the back of all the modules seemed like they might be fair game too. Not so.

I’m only leaving that slightly embarrassing post up so that someone else doesn’t do the same and actually have a crack at connecting them.

Related but a little off topic, initially when I looked at I2C it seemed like it was just awkward midi but having got it going I can see that this has huge potential for software based modules, even for standalone synths or processors. It could also form a nice level of abstraction for UI design as you have the immediate, fun controls at panel level but offer a second level of control for those who want to dig a bit more but don’t want to go the whole re-compliling hog?

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