Elements DIY build no longer running program after updating to V1.2 via .wav method

So I managed to get my elements build up and running around a week ago then 4 days after, I decided to update V1.2 which worked just fine for 2 days. The next day I turned on my rack PSU and elements was still operational, after being away for 10mins I came back to elements not working with non of the LEDs being illuminated.

I checked the voltage across the power pins at the power header, both 3.3Vregs and finally the voltages across the caps connected to the STM32’s 3.3V power pins. All seemed to be fine so my guess was that the STM32 is the issue, so I connected my st-link via jtag to find that the device can only be connected in hotplug mode. I believe this is because the read out protection is level 1 which limits the ability to read, write or erase the STM32.

However, I am unable to change the read out protection from level 1 back to level 0 as the program says “Could not set Option bytes! Please reset the target and retry”.
I am unsure how that option was even selected in the first place! So my question is how can I get rid of the read out protection so I can then erase and reprogram my elements build?

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