Elements CV inputs not working correctly after performing calibration

After calibrating elements I noticed the cv inputs weren’t responding correctly. The V/OCT input stops tracking lower notes at -1V and below, playing the same note from -1V to -1.5V, whereas before I could get tracking down to -1.5V. The other CV inputs aren’t responding to any voltages below 5V, regardless of attenuverter settings. I only get responses if voltages are between +/- 5-8V. The attenuverters appear to be fine, since I can set the handshakes for various modes.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this problem before, or if I missed something during calibration. I followed the instructions and the notes between -1V to 5V seem to be tracking correctly and in tune. I’m hoping this could only be a software/calibration issue and not a hardware problem. I figured I’d ask here before I start checking the voltages around the MPC600x’s.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

Did you use 1V and 3V to calibrate?

As for the other CV inputs, I can’t think of anything that could have caused a problem… except an incorrect negative power supply voltage (say -10V instead of -12V) applied to the module while it was calibrated.

Thanks for responding! @pichenettes

Well… I thought I did. I used the keyboard CV out of the Moog Mother 32 but after checking with my voltmeter it turns out I was using -1V and 1V instead of 1V and 3V. I recalibrated using 1V and 3V but I’m still having an issue with cv inputs not responding to +/-5V range. The only two that are behaving somewhat normally is the V/OCT and Strength cv inputs.

**Full disclosure, this is a DIY Elements I built earlier this year. However, I’ve yet to experience a single issue with it up until this recent calibration. I’ve built seven of your designs so far and I haven’t had any issues until this. I know DIY support is discouraged on this forum, so I only wanted to inquire about the calibration routine/software side of this. I’ll get it on the bench this evening and have a look around with the meter, scope, and double check my power supply voltage. I’ll get it sorted one way or another. Love this module! Thanks again for the quick response!

I was originally calibrating my Mutable modules with the Mother-32, and nothing sounded right. Turns out, the Mother-32 (which I love) is so wrong to use for calibrating anything. I now use the Reference app in an Ornaments & Crimes module to calibrate everything, and it all works perfectly. O+C is a must have module for this kind of thing, plus everything else that it does.

Yes, it appears the mother 32 has 1K resistance on the KB output and there’s a slight voltage drop when measured under load. I’ll try recalibrating elements using the disting mk4 later this evening.

O+c is on my to-do list! I’ve been debating on building the new micro version to save on rack space or the original. Maybe it’s just time for me to build a new case (or two). Clouds is next on my list!