Elements contour shapes


Is there a precise description (or drawings) of the different contour shapes of elements available ?
Didn’t find it in the manual except this:

« This knob interpolates between several preset shapes for this envelope: short AD envelopes getting longer and slower, morphing into slower ADSR envelopes, fading into faster AR envelopes. »

Of course I also noticed the drawings on the panel but what I’m looking is the same kind of drawing but for several positions of the knob to understand clearly what’s the knob does. What’s the evolution of the morph between shapes ?

What’s the slow value of the sustain at noon (or the shape of the drawing) ?
Did the sustain increase slowly when I turned CW from noon (to become max at CW) ? What about the decay ?
Or ADSR is just at noon with a notch and then become suddenly an AR ?

I tried to understand it by ears but it’s difficult for me (it changes also a little with the tweaks of the other knobs).


This gives you a rough idea of how the envelope evolves in term of shape (adjust the first slider):

Caveat: the x axis does not represent time in seconds, but in arbitrary units.


Update: using the right formula to convert arbitrary attack/decay/release values into seconds.


Just for fun, the full envelope equations, as used in the Peaks era.


Waow !!
Thanks a lot !!! :pray:
I understand now why I didn’t have a loud sound on a long sound near 12, it’s’more clear with the evolution of sustain level.

I assumed that 0.5 is noon knob position ?


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I’d alway wondered about this. Thankyou, the Desmos makes it very clear.