Elements bow exciter too soft?


Hello to you all, as a long time lurker and someone very interested in Mutable Instruments modules, this will be my first post!

I’ve finally bought my first module, Elements, looking to expand a bit more in the near future. I’m controlling it with my Analog Keys and I’m enjoying it very much. But… the bow exciter section seems to me to be very soft. When Timbre is low, it’s hardly perceivable, even with the bow knob turned fully clockwise. Especially with the contour knob CCW. I can crank up the input in my Analog Keys, but the blow and strike exciters are so loud in comparison, that I just barely have them open.

Is this normal or is something off?


My experience is that the output from the bow exciter can get pretty loud, but it very much depends on the settings in the resonator section.
The bow exciter mainly excites around the lower frequencies. With very little damping, the resonator can produce nice “feedback-guitar-amp” tones.

But yes, in most cases thebow section seems very quiet.


Consider longer gates for the Bow exciter.

Think about it…bowing isn’t really a fast attack sort of excitation like “blowing” or “striking”.

As an experiment, turn down every exciter except for Bow. Set Contour to ~3 o’clock. Set Bow timbre fully CW.

Now hold down the PLAY button. You’ll hear the Bow excitation much better this way. You can balance the Blow/Strike exciters from there.

Again, long gates…

(Oh yeah, and as mentioned above, make sure Brightness is set above ~10 o’clock or so)


Yes, the bowing sound is achieved through feedback, so it needs a bit of time to “grow” to full amplitude.


Okay, thanks very much for the quick response! I’ll experiment a bit further with the different settings tonight!


I don’t have my synth in front of me so I can’t test it, but I imagine passing a high voltage into the strength will also have an effect on the quality of the Bow excitation.