Elements based 104hp skiff


Adding a filter won’t hurt. You don’t specifically need ears to add sounds from the outside world. It also depends on what you would want to use. Veils can also give a lot of gain to a line level signal for example. And it will add VCA’s. They always come in handy. I really miss some random/noise source in this setup. Maybe replace the Batumi with something that can also do random?


Actually, you’re right of course. Tallin could just as well as Veils add gain to an outside signal if needed.
I’m thinking of adding a 2hp nse or rnd for random. I’d rather keep the Batumi and I have expert firmware installed, so with that and self-patching I can get into random territory quite a bit on the Batumi. Thanks for your insights!


And have you thought of going for plaits and rings in stead of elements?


Yes I have… I already have Elements though… And I guess I prefer the kind of focus that Elements is imposing on my skiff. Plaits + Rings may provide a broader spectrum to explore, but Elements puhshes me to keep diving ‘at the spot’, yielding great results. So my goal would be to keep this focus, to regard it as an instrument. Elements would be like a clarinet and Rings + Plaits would be like a clarinet that can also do all kinds of piano sounds.


And Plaits as an exciter doesn’t have the same tailor-made versatility as the exciter section of Elements.