Elements based 104hp skiff


Doing more with less is precisely what this is all about for me. I am a composer by profession and I have a ton of tools and mostly software, enabling me to create whatever genre I (or the client) desire. But the joy of creating sound and music doesn’t always come through there.
Now I have a small setup at home: Analog Keys, Analog Rytm and this Eurorack skiff, plus a bunch of small sound makers like Microgranny and Standuino Pi. And NO computer! Just keys and knobs and the abstract world of listening.
And I’ve never had a happier musical mind and heart as now. It’s the restrictions that make me creative, that create character in my music. Which is also why I don’t aspire a huge modular rack, where the sheer amount of options are so daunting it stops your create mind dead in it’s tracks.


I see we’re thinking much alike. How do you deal with recording btw? I think that’s always the tricky part with such setups…


Currently I don’t have a great recording set up. I will have to add a small mixer, perhaps even an HD recorder like Zoom R16. For now Elements goes into AK, which is perfect, and then the whole goes into AR, which is less than perfect. And then I record live stereo jams with prepared sequences of this bunch to a Korg Sound on Sound.


This is one of the jams with that exact setup:


More info on the jam on Soundcloud


So what’s your set up?


Almost half a year after I started this thread, clearly I not a fast decision-maker. Oh well…

I have a new version of my instrument here. Any opinions?



Buy the Elements and a Batumi and get it started. Experiment and you´ll see what you need to achieve what you want.


Ah yes, sorry, I already had the Elements and I forgot to mention I recently purchased Clouds, Batumi and Shades… I’m especially interested in the VCA and controller part of this set up. Also still thinking about a Pressure Points instead of a Tetrapad. Current set up has grown a bit next to the Analog Keys I have a Rytm, Octatrack, OP-1, Microgranny and some small stuff.


In my experience VCAs are useful but not 100% essential for Elements (except if you want to use them to create your own excitation signals.

What you might want to consider:

BTW. I have a video coming soon on how to play with Rings and contact mics (and Elements is similar so it might be useful)


Thanks, I guess an interesting VCA duty would be to be able to turn the longer, more ambient settings of Elements into percussive sounds. I could do with dual VCA’s though.
Your suggestions on the controller are cool. What do you think about the difference between Tetrapad and Pressure Points (perhaps with Brains) in this setup?


I have some experience with the Pressure Points (my bandmate has one) and – as previously mentioned – no experience with the Tetrapad.
This said, the Tetrapad seems a lot more flexible with all its modes. It can be a keyboard, fader control, gate generator etc. If the response is good (and you’ll need to try it to know that) I think it can be a real winner. The only thing that would scare me a bit is the fact that I have to remember which mode is associated to which LED pattern (which I already know… I’ll never be able to do.). The LS-1+cells combo I have mentioned would be a more compact and pitch+slider solution, but of course it would be more limited than the Tetrapad.
The Pressure points are a great touch-based controller solution and with Brains it can become an interesting sequencer (though you’ll likely want more than one PP for that). Of course the PP also doesn’t offer all the features the TP does and the way the module senses pressure is quite different from the Intellijel, which might be more sensitive. The big question is: how do you like to play Elements, and how would you use the PP or the TP with it?
Regarding VCAs, I also like to shape the sound from the modal resonator with filters and VCAs post module, you can get different sounds out of it, than by just using the strike exciter, but I was saying that it might be something you can also add later and maybe focus on the other things first, because you already have the strike exciter and the contour control on the other 2 exciters to shape the sounds a bit.


I’ll chime in and share that contact mics pair very well with Elements in my experience. Both the Ears onboard contact mic and a couple I made up with some guitar cables and piezo discs. LOVE it!!!
Be sure and post that video here!


…also want to report a very satisfying pairing of Elements with the Epoch Modular Benjolin earlier today. Not sure if the Benjolin is still hip and sexy these days, but I have found it very complementary and a useful tool in my mostly MI rack.


The Benjolin never will be unsexy.


I’m going to try the Tetrapad. I’ll wait for a bit with the VCA’s and the Pip Slope. I’ve got 12 hp left and experience will tell what I’m missing.

Thanks again for the input, I’ll post my experience with the Tetrapad as soon as I’ve spent some time with it.


Instead of the uVCA, you might consider getting a disting mk 4 and a 2HP VCA.


Tetrapad is in! First impressions are very cool. I don’t mind that there is some memorizing required to use all the functions, it feels pretty intuitive to me. The touch response is something I have to gel with a bit though. It’s definitely responsive enough, but the area that reads your touch is pretty narrow, so I find myself misplacing my fingers every now and again - I guess Pressure Points works very different in that aspect.


Gelling with it already - set the touch respons higher, now it’s perfect!


Hello again, back again with my Elements based skiff:

I’m doubting between two routes to complete the instrument.
One is adding an Ears and a SSF MMF, so I can allow the sounds from the outside world to enter the parallel universe of the instrument.
The other is to add a Tallin and a 2hp Seq plus a final 2hp module (maybe 2hp Mix).
To be honest I already have the Tallin, but I’m thinking maybe Ears plus filter would create a more consonant instrument and opens up a lot more options for experiment.
Has anyone any tips on this? Both pretty different routes, I know… Thanks!