Elements based 104hp skiff


Thanks, yes I was planning on getting those too!


Okay, I’ve got an adjusted setup:


I’m using the 3hp Pico Atten right now, but alternatively I could use the Pico Scale. Scale has only one attenuator, but it also has an offset control. Which one do you think will be more useful?

Am I forgetting still others things?


the knobs on MI modules act as offset to incoming CV so I think PicoAtten is good enough. you’ll be using both channels for sure.

you’ll find out what yr missing after you’ve been playing for a little while.


Cool, thanks!


I started out with an elements and peaks…the next module I got was a VCA as it was really needed. I would consider not getting Clouds in this case, and using those 18hp for other things. 6-8hp for a dual VCA (Intellijel uVCA, Makenoise Optomix, etc.), and then 10-12hp for something external that’s fun to run into the elements resonator. MI Warps + some sort of small osc would be interesting, as would some sort of sample-player (radio music, grandPA, etc.)

Also, if I was getting attenuators, I’d go the MI Shades/Intellijel Triatt route, as they also provide mixing which can be super useful.


Thanks, that’s an interesting take. Though it would be a shame to leave Clouds out of the equation, I do want a workable setup.
What was the reason for you to really need a VCA? Elements has this covered to an extend, right? Which limitations occured that made you feel that way?


From a sound perspective, you can get “discrete” percussive sounds without one, but it does open up the opportunity to take the really drone-y settings (high damping/high space) and make them percussive. Here is an example of that (that’d be peaks in one of the Dead Man’s Catch env modes, and elements run through the Malekko dual VCA in its aggressive exponential mode.

But for non-sound-amplitude-uses, I’ve found VCAs to be extremely useful for all sorts of experimenting. Thinking about your set up, it’d probably be cool to run some of the wogglebug’s things both through the input and cv of a vca to do weird things to elements pitch or exciter timbres, for some cool evolving stuff.


That being said, Clouds does sound awesome…I’ve played with it numerous times at stores. I feel like if you go with your planned set up, you will have fun!


And note that you could probably get away without that PICO attenuator if you have a VCA.

That particular attenuator module doesn’t seem to have the mixing capabilities of something like Shades/Triatt which really adds to their usefulness (Quadratt owner here).


You mean I could do attenuation duties with a VCA?


Well yes, Most VCAs have knobs, so you can directly perform with a knob the attenuation you could do with a CV.


The concept of modulair slowly dawns on me, coming from the far more rigid world of non-modular synths.

So, for the sake of saving space, I could replace the Pico Atten for a 2hp vca and have both audio and CV attenuation options? Be it lineair and not exponential, that is?


Yes, you can replace the Pico Atten by a 2HP VCA - you’ll gain CV control of a channel level. It’ll process both CVs and audio. The “audio requires exponential, CV requires linear” thing isn’t true.


There’s situations where using a linear response for CV an exponential for audio is better. But in general you can use whatever you have, especially if space is low. It’s not like it won’t work, it will just have a different response.


Okay with everything updated I’ve come to this setup.


I’ve got VCA’s, doubling as attenuators, I’ve got envelopes, LFO’s and random sources for modulation, a simple output and I’ve got playability and sequencing. All build around an Elements/Clouds setting.

At the very least it looks cool!


Allright everybody, thank you for your advice! Hopefully I can still arouse you to check out my updated 104HP Elements skiff 2.0…
I’ve dropped the Wogglebug in favor of a Batumi. With the expert firmware I’ll have random moodulation covered. I also read that with the expert firmware comes in-module attenuation, but I understand there are limits to its usage, is this true?

I think a clock would be handy to trigger events, mostly Brains? I could maybe use a square output from the Batumi, but I’m not sure, is that is practical?

Unfortunately I’ve also dropped Peaks and inserted two 2hp EGs - they’re only AD envelopes, but they have their own attenuation knobs, freeing up my VCA to do VCA duties. I could also go for one 2hp EG and one 2hp ADSR.

What do you think? An improvement to the old setup?




Dropping the WoggleBug for a Batumi is a good move (in a space-constrained system). Even without installing the expert firmware, you can get chaotic modulations through self-patching and cascading 2 channels of the Batumi.

It’s perfectly fine to use a square wave as a clock signal.

The only thing now missing in your system is mixing - for now you can’t combine two modulations together. So I’d drop the CLK and replace it by a 2HP MIX.


Done, thanks!


Might consider taking a look at the SSF Ultra Random Analog as an alternative to the wogglebug/batumi. All sorts of noise flavors, stepped random that can be dialed down to a fine mist, clock source, dual sample & hold, slow wave source— all at the same time, and self patching options are neat too.

My caveat is that I bought two Peaks before I got the SSF. Peaks just overflows with capability.


Yes that looks really cool too, maybe a bit less control an a bit more experiment. Very interesting. I’m sure things will change somewhat before my skiff is full. I’ll just let it all sink in a bit.