Elements alternate firmware request

Is anyone working on any alternate firmware for elements at this time? Just curious if anyone is rewriting Ominous into anything else.

Not me.

Love ominous btw, cant wait to run it through warps once you release it. It would be pretty cool though if someone could write a wavetable mode for elements though.

In terms of tweaks I think it would be a tough one to understand. But a completely different firmware would be an option.

@kitai there’s already an official alternative wavetable firmware for Tides, plus several wavetable variations available in Braids. Not sure we need another MI wavetable oscillator.


I guess the expectation levels are now that one should be able to get any digital module to run on any other module :slight_smile: “I want to run Clouds and 2 Tides on Elements, there are enough knobs for that!”

Just wait until we start demanding your modules as $1 iPhone apps… :wink:

Rather than use ARM, stick a i7 on there and an HDMI out port :slight_smile: