Elemental Rings

The following two quotes attributed to Émilie

“Rings runs at 48kHz, while Elements runs at 32kHz. This fact might explain why some people find Elements more “woody” or “natural” than Rings”.


“I kind of like the idea of gear doing “physical” things (physical modelling, reverb…) running at 32kHz”.

prompts me to ask, would it be challenging for someone who knows how to code to alter the Rings firmware to run at the lower sample rate of Elements? I would be very much interested in hearing how that would sound, and as such would appreciate if someone with the ability to do so would create a custom firmware that satisfies my curiousity.

According to Émilie, what I request comprises of “two lines of code”. Which two lines remains a mystery to me.



Hi, I made the firmware of Rings running 32kHz.

Please try it.


So… how does it sound?

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One thing worth mentioning: since Rings mostly performs linear operations (at the exception of the limiter on the output signal), the same result can also be easily achieved by simply cutting with an EQ all frequencies above 16kHz.


Your efforts are greatly appreciated! I will install it later today and let you know if it sounds any different. Thanks!

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Hi, the firmware updated.

We can change sample rate 48kHz or 32kHz with like easter egg instruction (reboot needed).
(This firmware’s default sample rate is 48kHz.)

For me, both 48kHz and 32kHz have their own good point. I like both.
(I feel 32kHz has nice digital aliasing overtone at some setting.
By the way, I don’t have Elements yet. I don’t try to using Rings 48kHz with EQ like Shelves yet.)

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Different! I am sure I can hear the lower resolution in the processing - things are a little crunchier. Not entirely sure I like it, yet perhaps this can be attributed to my ear being accustomed to the factory sampling rate. Easy enough to revert to 48kHz!


Hi, the firmware updated (improved user interface).

Change log:

  • Add user interface of selecting easter egg chords table (like Plaits provided by BRYAN_CHORDS or normal).
  • The sample rate and chords table setting is indicated by LEDs when power up module or changing setting.
  • Automatically reboot Rings module after changing sample rate setting.

The older firmware v01 and v02 is also set easter egg chords table like Plaits provided by BRYAN_CHORDS. (Sorry it’s undocumented.)

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