Elektron Sidstation?

So my friend just showed me this Electron Sidstation, pretty cool machine. anyone on here heard of these before? or maybe even have (had) one?


seems pretty simple could probably make one and save a lot of money. what do you guys think?

Yes, but there is the better option and it’s diy

I had one and sold it after building my MB-6582.

Reasons why the Sidstation sucks:

1. It uses the 6581. Higher voltage, less reliable (hotter) and the envelopes have a bug so that they never fully close. You definitely need a noise gate.

2. It has a very basic interface with no possibility of improving it.

3. It’s value is rather inflated and way in excess of what it offers.

4. Single Sid chip. So mono synth.

MB-6582 can use the 6581, 8580 or the SwinSID chip (up to 8 chips). Has a very extensive user interface.

I keep coming back to that one particular demo of the MB-6582. Or that
I think you’re better off spending some 500-700€ whatever it is on 8 sids, rather than 1000 bucks on 1 .

Hehe, TK knows his stuff. I don’t see why any sane person would spend more on a Sidstation than getting the real deal in the form of a 6582 with 8(!) NOS 6582 chips, or 8 Swinsids, or any combo of SIDS conceivable.

Need to build that external SSM2044 VCF box some day…

I have the MB6582 version and I love it. I have it loaded with all eight 6582s.

Listen to the track Zombie Nation it famously used one of those Sidstations, they were quite cool when they came out.

Zombie Nation used a SID filtered by an external filter. I think you don’t really need to explain the sound of a C64 unless you never owned a C64 of course.

Much of the C64 music you hear will be using single oscillator sounds, so when you use all three for one sound it can be a lot more powerful. Plus being driven by a faster CPU and not limited to a few KB for music :slight_smile:

Of course when you’re programming the SID direct using machine code then you don’t have the constraints of MIDI :slight_smile:

Ive played on both, and used a bunch of trackers, and using a midibox is about as close as you can get without a tracker. If only the midibox lfos modulated JUST A BIT FASTER.

The Sidstation is a totally overpriced piece of gear, I wonder how they could even sell one of those…
SammichSID for the win!

To be fair it was the first on the scene in the late 90s.

And there is an ARM version in the works? but I think that’s more of an ARM as the master controlling PIC slaves.

@herrprof: have a look at the modulation matrix. Simplest thing would be to multiply lfo speed with a constant. But there are many more possibilities :wink:

Aww, the Sammich is so cute. It’s very much like a Shuthi-1 in terms of form factor. The MB-6582 is more like a tricked out Ambika with a programmer. I’d marry mine if it was legal… gets weird looks.

The ARM-based MB-SID is in some form of development. It’s totally science fiction for all except TK right now :slight_smile:

Whoa! Hadnt thought of that

What would you guys think about a sid synth with more streamlined interface, like the one in shruthi-1 for example?

That would definitly be a plus. What about an Ambika with a MB-6582 matrix kinda interface? :>

Sammich is that streamlined device, but it is totally streamlined, no pots other than the preset dial.

But I think all of the expansion pins are in there.

That’s what I mean - There are no pots. Wouldn’t it be cool to control the sid like a shruthi? Push one button to enter the filter screen. Then one pot corresponds to the cutoff freq and another one to the resonancy so you could change the parameters live with no hassle.

That is my problem with the sammich - everything is burried deep under series of menus and when it comes to tweaking the parameters with the encoder - the knob turning has no ending

I think the sid NEEDS a complicated interface… as a vanilla analog synth it can be a bit boring but when digging deep in the modulations is where the sounds really gets interesting.

Isnt any Sound always mostly about modulations?