Elektron is going to add full audio and MIDI integration over USB to its analog boxes

More details here. Looks really nicely done, but also feels a bit weird given that these boxes are so strongly designed for stand-alone use.

Whoa. I have an Analog Keys on order and I will use this all the time when recording and doing sound design work. Especially if it allows access to all audio I/O simultaneously I won’t need to rearrange my whole interface setup for recording and processing.

I have a Lexicon MX200 with really basic AU control and it is so nice to recall a project and have all of your settings immediately back to what they were…

And it sounds like I could even use Analog Keys as a main soundcard for live use. Pretty nifty!

It is rather nifty, especially since the A4 doesn’t offer individual outputs like the Keys does.

“adds” is now == "before the end of the year’. Good grief, it’s only March!

Agreed. Changed the title to “going to add”. :slight_smile: