Elektron Announcement

Looks like Elektron is about to announce something at Modular Square. Any thoughts of what it might be?

Something way too expensive? it seems like all of their kit is over £1000 new.

@6581punk yeah, I owned an Octatrack twice. lol Early adopted, sold it due to the buggy OS. Rebought over a year later and sold it again. Just not immediate enough for me. Menu diving sucks.

I’ve got a SIDStation and I never use it. So I should probably ebay that.

SIDStation is soooo overpriced, considering how much better MBSID is… sell it, build 2 MB6582, or 5 sammichSID or something :))

Shhhh I want to sell it for a good price :slight_smile: I wasn’t in the “DIY” frame of mind when I bought it.

They go well on ebay, dont worry! Now if I could only sell this hardsid4u!

@6581punk do you have a MIDIBox SID/SammichSID? Any thoughts on the comparative merits compared to the SIDStation?


I have a MB6582 and a SammichSID. The big advantage for me is the use of 8580s, they’re not so noisy as to require a noise gate and they tend to be much nicer for musical things.

I’ve probably not spent enough time with the MIDIBox OS, but I find it rather complicated. In that they seem to have crammed so much into it that there’s just masses of settings and options.

I’d say the SIDStation is simpler and easier to use but also has a rather limited user interface.