Elektron Analog Four and MIDIPal

Not sure if anyone saw this yet, I noticed it posted on Matrixsynth:

A4 and MIDIPal

One of the issues thrown around about the A4 is the lack of polyphony. It is a 4 track sequencer/synthesizer that currently cannot play four-note chords from a keyboard.


It has been mentioned once or twice here in the other A4 threads.
I’ve had an A4 for about a month now. And it’s a first rate bit of kit :slight_smile: I mostly understand why Elektron are in no hurry to implement a polyphonic mode themselves though, as it somewhat defeats the object of what the A4 is about. But still, at least the option is there now, with a bit of help from a Midipal :slight_smile: I still need to get me one!

(And… Good lord, what is that chap playing it through![](? A laptop speaker?? It manages to make a fine synth sound awful… But I guess that wasn’t quite the point of the vid))