Electronic DIY Workstation in a box

I saw this in Instructables newsletter today and it looks like quite good idea for people who have limited space

Electronic Lab in a Box

Neat, does it have somewhere to collect all those lead cuttings?

Does it come with a Wormhole thru which i have access to my 2x4 array of assortment boxes? :wink:

Array? Mine’s at least some kind of K-ary N-dimensional hypercube (black holes not included) by now.

So you stack all your parts on a big pile?

Damnit, where did you get my picture?!

Mmm, Fraggle Rock. That takes me back down memory lane.

And, no - there’s actually some order to my components. It’s just so sublimely advanced that I have to invent new mathematics to describe the organisation of and in my see-thru plastic boxes.

Tardis based electronics box required.

I claim guilty of derailment in 2 Posts….

Master! As always, I stand in awe.

Interesting project. I don´t like to build everything in my hobby-room in the basement. I thougt about something like this that can easily be expanded on the kitchen table.