Electrolytic Caps for Polivoks filter 25 volt?


I ordered the parts for the Polivoks filter at Reichelt and I got 25 volt version (RAD 100/25) of the electrolytic caps C3, C12 and C13 instead of the 16 volt version (RAD 100/16).

So my question is: can I use those instead?



Definately yes!

wow … that was very quick!

Thanks schrab

These Caps have the official Blessing by the Cap Fairy of all Shruthi Use

Explanation: 25V is way more than the maximum 7-9 Voltes from Shruthis Wallwart so the higher the better. Its also OK to drive with a Maserati in a 30km/h Limited Zone even if it can go 275 km/h :wink:

You know what? I think I have learned something today:slight_smile:

Higher voltage/temp capacitors are often more expensive or bulkier, so that’s generally the reason they make them in different ratings. It’s always good to over-engineer for extra peace of mind.

Especially if you are in the habit of plugging in the wrong PSU at times.

Big voltage rating = bigger size so make sure they have the same foot print. Bigger rating will always work, but not always fit.