Electrolube PCB Cleaner recall

Thought I would post this here in case someone is using it:

Faulty PCB cleaner is recalled

The faulty cans can split and spray the contents everywhere.

Since it’s a cleaner there should not be much mess…

It can be nasty stuff. You probably wouldn’t want it in your eyes?

@ByteFrenzy you do have to remember that it is a cleaner to remove rosin+lead+additives in non lead solder… I would NOT ant that spraying all over the place… What if you were doing something with a open flame when the can disintegrated?

“What are the hazards?
If the defect occurs, it may pose a serious eye injury.”

I’m quite fond of my eyesight.

If the defect occurs, it may pose a serious eye injury.
Ironically you clean PCBs to my understanding for optical reasons

I wouldn’t actually want a spray can of anything bursting in my immediate vicinity, but I couldn’t resist the word play.


@fcd72 : I think flux can cause the PCB to degrade over time. At least thats what I was informed. Also it can lead to capacitance between pads

depends on the flux…

I haven’t ever bothered cleaning it off as it would have to happen after the soldering is done and that is the very time you get to power it on and start playing!

i have some pcbs here i soldered 25 years ago - work still fine without any cleaning. if i would sell pcb cleaners id tell you a different story for shure…