ElectroDruid's Shruti-1 (pictures)

Here’s my Shruti-1. Not the most impressive looking one here, by a long stretch, but I like the case. It’s cheap and cheerful and does a perfectly good job at housing it and makes for easy access.

The pots on the side are replacements for the ones in the kit which I ruined with bad soldering, and as a result I had to put different knobs onto them. There’s also a bit of extra work to be done in adding labels for the LEDs (probably printed onto acetate and stuck to the lid).

There are still problems with this as well :frowning: some kind of electrical noise which I need to track down. Any advice welcome on the best way to do that. The case was assembled by a friend, since I didn’t have the tools to cut the holes, and I have a hunch that something must have happened during the case construction or in transit, since I don’t remember hearing those problems when I was testing the “naked” kit.

Hahaha great! :slight_smile:

Nice case.

I was debating doing something like this if I can’t get panels made for a PT-8.

Nice job.

electrical noise: ground the two volume pot bodies…? run a wire from the gnd of the hack_me connector and connect it to the bodies of the pots…

I just gave that a try, oootini, and it didn’t seem to make much difference. I didn’t solder anything, just put a couple of wires into gnd in the hack_me port, and touched the other end of each wire to each of the bodies of the pots. Crackled a tiny bit but didn’t reduce the noise at all.

Here’s what else I found whilst I was playing around: with a wire in gnd, I accidentally touched the middle pin of the output volume pot. That kills the noise, but then it kills the whole output. I presume that’s to be expected, though. Also, adjusting the output volume doesn’t just change the volume of the noise but the tone of it as well. At full volume it just sounds like, well, noise, but as you turn it down it’s almost as if the noise is getting filtered - it gets quieter, but it also seems to lose the higher frequencies of the noise and turns into something that sounds more like an electrical hum.

Does any of that point to that pot in particular being the culprit, or the wires I’ve used to solder it, or could the problem still be elsewhere? Could it be anything to do with it being a linear 100K pot rather than a logarithmic one (my local electronics shop didn’t have any log ones in stock but I was told that it’d be fine to swap to a lin)?