Electro harmonix RTG! April Fools ? or Not?

Im kind of hoping its real as it sounds neat!


its been in the works for a while so i think its real.

In spite of the date, it’s not a joke…

Very neat! thanks guys, its timing was suspect, but it sounds really cool!

it sounds like a random pitch generator to me. I didn’t hear much tonal change until it was strapped to something else.

I can recreate this with a Oscillator (A-110 using its SINE out) which Frequency CV is driven by a Noise sampled by an S/H ( A-148 ) triggered with an LFO. Now put your Audio Signal into the Oscillators Sync. No Magic so far i guess.

BTW if you are tired of using a Noise Source, a LFO and a S/H to create this i might have something usefull in the Pipeline…

Slightly different but I like this…
Turing Machine


@fcd72: you really scare me! You obviously have a bad case of Modularitis!

It was diagnosed as Modularitis GearOcalyptica exactly. I was infected by jojjelito (who still has my VS, BTW…)

got one just like it …:wink: (well, different faceplate)
these are my next two builds along those lines …
and Chaotica
also everyone should have one of these in their lives
Super Psycho

Might this be useful for you:

Triggered, S/Hd Noise from just one Module…

cool …

that scope looks like it has seen some action

indeed, its from the early 80ies but it works like charm and i only paid 53€ for it. HAMEG rulez!


btw this is a reissue of a crazy $$$ vintage ehx pedal:

BWAAHAHAHA! $800 for a sine wave, noise & S&H circuit?

Thats more expensive than DOEPFER :wink: But hey, ITS VINTAGE DUDE!

Luckily the new one is 50$