Electribe Esx/Emx for Shruthi-1 sequencing

If you’re looking for a stand-along MIDI sequencer with excellent #0#-style step sequencing support that also does all the other stuff you’d expect a sequencer to be able to so (such as – dare I say it – velocity?), than you might want to take a look at the RM1x as well.

the RM1X looks cool but lacks of a stereo aux for sending the click to the drummer when needed…

I mentioned the RM1x further up and the SU7000, although I’ve realised it should have read RS7000 not SU7000, confusing names when they are just letters and numbers! The SU7000 is meant to be similar in many ways to the RM1x but more sophisticated.

I would probably still go for the electribe though for simplicity.

found ESX new on stock for 349€ on a couple of shops ready to ship in 24/48h, while most people are asking like 300€ on ebay so I think i’m gonna go for it…

The problem that I had with the electribes and the early elektrons was you are forced to do everything on the grid. And while tons of great music has been made on the grid it just wasn’t how I learned so I always get frustrated working like that. (The octatrack on the other hand has been a revelation and is my favorite sequencer ever) If you are happy working on the grid I’d look into a used mk1 machinedrum. I’m not sure how much they are in europe but they run about $500 in the states and wipe the floor with any of the electribes.

@tabularasa if you have to choose between the EMX or the ESX what will get? i’m most worried about the sampler being a pain, and I was told that the drum sounds on the EMX are ok.

The midi capability of all the electribes varies. The emx is the most flexible. It has 5 synth parts versus 2 on the esx. If you are going to use it entirely for sequencing one monosynth obviously it doesn’t matter but it depends on your other uses.

Make sure you read the manual before you buy (well the midi section for sure.) I’ve had a couple electribes over the years but they’ve never lasted long but I remember the midi cc stuff being a bit inflexible/odd.

I read it, also asked in forums and users, and now I’m more decided to the Emx than the Esx. First because I will keep the mpc and second because I want to have a quick workflow and don’t want to spend a couple of nights loading classic TR-samples.

I had an EMX for a while. Honestly I didn’t use it too much. But it is a nice machine. I just don’t think I was ready to get into it at the time.

Poor EMX doesn’t get much love here.
You can tweak the drum samples so much, way beyond being recognized as drums and if I want some specific sound, I find getting there is really easy with the EMX. Much more than any synth I had.
The synth parts aren’t the best and it’s usually easy to spot “oh it’s an EMX.” But the whole thing is good enough to take on your lap and sit in bed or wherever. With it’s effects section it’s a fun allrounder.

Plus I just ordered this
Not available for many machines :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally got the Emx seems to work well for my needs. Rehearsal with my band in a couple of weeks, time enough to learn the basic stuff…

Don’t get lost in using the effects part on the drums ;D

thanks @diwib ! i didn’t plan to waste much time with them. i got some good stompboxes (and some bad too) anyway i don’t have so much time until yesterday that my hoolidays started.

lots of fun playing the EMX with the Anushri Drum Generator!

Just got an EMX and I’m in love! MPC1000 became instantly obsolete – actually I haven’t ever settled with it even though I have owned it for, what 6 years. Well once all tracks on EMX are in use it’s ok to use mpc as slave sequencer, and for fine tuning the sound. Electribe-style sequencing is something I have missed all the years. And all the most important controls have knobs, no need diggin the menus, ooh la la!

"What I like with my EMX is its versatility. Sometimes I use it standalone – sometimes I use it as a sequencer for my Shruthi and microkorg, and sometimes I use it purely as a drum machine (you can make some pretty nice drum sounds using the synth parts)."