Flying reindeer power
Anyhoot, now that we can put huge new shiny eeproms in our shruthi’s
(at least soon, and with shipping from China taking half a war anyhoot, i thought i’d get myself a couple to be prepared :slight_smile: )
Id love to know which one’s are compatible ?
Might be a stupid question, if all eeproms are created to be compatible, but this being electronics i doubt it ^^
Im personally thinking 24LC512 from microchip, but having no idea about eeproms
(except that theyre a huge improvement over eproms, or proms, and a basic understanding of their workings)
I’d love for some of the geniuses on here to confirm if that would be a wise choice :slight_smile:

Looking at the datasheet, the 24LC512 from Microchip looks ok (pinout: check, 400kHz or above: check).

I stick with Atmel’s AT24C’s line, the one I purchase to make the test with large patch storage is an AT24C512B.

I was about to make more or less the same question…

But in my case, looking in Farnell for AT24C512B I found all these variants:

Farnell code - Reference and model
1636617 - ATMEL AT24C512BW-SH-B
1362656 - ATMEL AT24C512BN-SH25-B
1455014 - ATMEL AT24C512BN-SH-B
1362655 - ATMEL AT24C512B-PU25
1636616 - ATMEL AT24C512B-PU

Clock frequency, voltage range, as well as case style differs slightly between them and I really don’t know which ones are compatible.

The last 2 references are OK.

The first 3 ones are SMT packages, not good.

Perfect Thanks!


Any idea how will these changes affect the packages for sale in the store?

Not sure I understand this question…

Will the “kits” and “programmed chips” come with larger eeproms or options. Not sure if it’s worth worrying about, just curious.

They will come with 128kb eeproms, filled with great patches!


I assume the store will be empty till the new TShirts firmware is ready?

Yes, there’s no point burning chips with a flaky firmware.