EEPROM memory question

Hey folks, ordered my Shruthi-1 kit on thursday, patiently awaiting its arrival :slight_smile:

I have been trying to figure out how many user patches I will be able to store, as I have constructed some Midibox MBHP cores to filter and process all the midi events coming from my Electribes into the Shruthi. One of the things these cores will do is adjust the Program Change messages.

I have no interest in factory presets so if the kit comes with them preloaded I take it I can delete them all easily? I also won’t be using the Shruthi’s built in sequencer as this will all be handled by the Electribes. So if I am using no factory sounds and no saved sequences, can I store quite a lot of user made sounds?

Also is it quite a simple process to delete a factory sound, and initialise patches to some sort of blank plain sine wave or something?

Thanks for any advice people can give, and looking forward to starting my build :slight_smile:

you can use the same BankStick eproms that are used in midibox too. gives you idk exactly how many (450??) patches you can save.

  • The eeproms do not work like flash or hard drives - even if you do not use them to store sequences the space reserved for sequences cannot be claimed for something else.
  • The eeproms that come with the kit have a 144 patches capacity. The 128 factory patches can be overwritten.
  • You can purchase 24LC512 eeproms from Microchip. The capacity is then 464 patches.
  • A “blank” eeprom contains… nothing - when you try to load those patches nothing will happen and the current sound will be preserved. If you are not interested in presets you can just insert a newly bought blank eeprom.
  • The Shruthi has a function to quickly reset a patch to “default” settings.

Brilliant! All my questions are answered. Thanks again folks