I notice few Shruthi-1 editors, witch is most compatible and working good on win7?
BTW is there app for Android?
Is someone know and can write “all” Shruthi editors for Windows OS.
tnxs! :slight_smile:

I’m still using the Ctrlr editor created by muksys and widy under Windows 7, and it works fine for me.

Loads more about this if you search in this forum, as it’s several years old now.

By the way, you need an older version 925 of Ctrlr, but I’ve still got that hosted on my Dropbox account here if you want to download it:

Hope this helps!


Shreditor runs under Windows, I find it to be the best of the bunch (though that is subjective): http://vauxlab.com/portfolio/shreditor/

Wow, they are awesome!
First i need to fix my Shruthi, need some components to start working.
I will test Ctrlr and Shreditor.
The GUI interface and options is really impressive, like editor for Akai Miniak and Novation Mininova!

Thank you yewtreemagic & rumpelfilter :slight_smile:

All best!

Good luck LFO!


Thank you Martin.

What about app-editor for Android OS? It will be awesome to se all functions on tablet screen
and tweaking from Shruthi or additional midi controller?
That will be awesome!
Someone put picture of Shruthi linked wit editor but for Ipad (I don’t have Ipad, only Android tablet)