Editor's Picks?

I’m sure this has come up before, but I couldn’t find anything through searching and browsing.

So what makes a component worthy of being declared an editor’s pick? Is it the component’s tolerances, or shape, or do some even just sound better?

It’s mostly price & tolerance. For resistors, I found those sold at Farnell much easier to read than those from other sources.

Is the Value printed bigger on the Bags? :wink:

It’s a lighter shade of blue that totally matches that of my nail polish.

Ah, so your lighter shade of blue nail polish was the inspiration . . . now things magically snap together.

Hmm Just saying

Yeah, I’m currently in a position where I might have to buy parts from a handful of different suppliers and having to decide what to buy from who is leaving me doing a lot of humming and hawing. Especially if I have to pay a fair bit for shipping, since I live in Ireland. So I was wondering if any of the editor’s picks were worth going out of my way for.

But at least I’m not trying to decide which nail varnish colour is so me :wink:

The editor’s pick components clearly sound way better. Where is the capacitor fairy? She blessed the editors picks. She doesn’t give a shit about those others.

She was busy sharing some lipstick with me which we smeared on each others lips before passionately kissing. She’s flying down south to Frank again so that he might post her.

Now I have to change my tee or there will be some explaining to do.

Beware of the point where no explanation is enough…

Just sprinkle the capacitors and keep your mouth shut Fairy! These threads are made for derailing…

Deep Voice “Back to topic? Come here baby”


Maybe you want exclusive hand-made resistor network?

Now why would I want that? You can make me a nice resistor necklace if you’re feeling handy. All pretty like :wink:

Yeah, I shouldn’t have posted that while feeling frazzled. Though I’m still sitting in front of the BOMs for the 4-Pole Mission board and the IR3109 like Mr. Burns in the condiments aisle…

Too much cross-referencing!
And I already have a good proportion of those components here already in my box of tricks, but I don’t know where to begin deciding if they’re even good quality enough to deserve to go into the Shruthi. It’s a bit more professional sounding than a Cracklebox or an Atari Punk Console, after all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the capacitor fairy and I have business to attend to in my studio cum boudoir.

I knew it! The capacitor fairy is a two-timing ho!

She’s a skanque y’all…