EDIT: *solved* Strange issues with Grids/Peaks/Braids - Power Surge?


It appears on closer checking (after taking every module from my monster base) that its a PSU failure/issue. There is no -12V getting to the power distribution board. So I’m on that track now to sort it out. Put Braids into another case and it works fine (phew).

Sorry for the panic…


Hi - I rebuilt my system last week and now have an issue with my Grids/Peaks and Braids, all of which were on the same power bus in the newly re-organised case (Doepfer monster base, which has 4 power boards).

I had installed my 5V adapter, Grids/Peaks/Braids were all not he same board as a bunch of small Doepfer utility modules (Dual S+H, Dual VCS and 2 A-118 Noise/Random Generators), as well as a Doepfer A190-4 Midi-CV interface.

Powering up today, I get no signal out of Braids, although it seems to power up, I can scroll through settings, voices etc.

Grids - clock works, responds to incoming clock but triggers only fire in sync with the clock. Pattern selection, Map X and Map Y do not function

Peaks - responds to trig in - but no output form Out 1 or Out 2

I’m suspecting some sort of power surge may have fried a few things ? Other modules seem to be fine apart from the A-118s, both of which are also non-functional.

I’ve never had any issues before - Malaysian power isn’t the most stable, but I didn’t notice anything weird. Could an issue with one of the A-118s have caused any sort of power issue through the bus ??

Anyway - sadly I’m now looking at 3 non-functioning modules. Olivier - appreciate any assistance you could provide here.


That sounds like an incorrectly connected header to me sadly. Take everything out, power up and check the lights on the busboards for + - and 5v (depending which board its on) are all coming on.

No matter how many times you check your ribbon cables, it’s still easy to do one wrong.

If the lights are all good, I’d then add a module, check the cable twice, power on, see if it works etc etc. bit of a long job but worth checking as you go for trouble shooting.

Good luck.