Edges Sequencer

Hello one and all,
Its my first post so greetings and salutations.
One of my modules is Edges, love it, although i am having trouble getting sequencer to stay “off” on all 4 channels.
I’ve had them all turned off once or twice but i it never stays as such, either a wrong button press or tuning it on and off can reactivate the sequencer.
For the application i want to use it for i don’t want the sequencer on at all, ever. i just want it make to noise when triggered it by Yarns.
Is there a way do this via a hack or so.
Thanks in advance.

Hmm weird, never happened to me. But what happens if you just delete all the notes in the sequence? If I don’t remember this wrong, you can record a sequence as you would do normally, but not add any steps to it to delete everything.

Thank you for your reply.
Maybe i worded it wrong.
To put it simply i only want Edges to make only a sound when its triggered by Cv from Yarns.
I don’t want it to make sound by itself. At the moment 1,2 & 4 do this but 3 still puts out a constant sound. Shall i recalibrate it maybe.
Sorry for the layman’s terms, i am new to this.

> 3 still puts out a constant sound.

Then disable the sequencer on channel 3.

You need to disable the sequencer individually for each channel.

Thanks guys,
I do know i have to turn off the sequencer for each channel its just i cant seem to do for all 4.
Was just wondering if there was another way to disable all 4 for good because as i said before when i turn it off and go back the next day the settings weren’t as i left them.
all good…
I’ll keep trying.

well if entering settings mode for each channel and then disabling the seq doesn’t work then there’s something wrong.
But maybe just to be sure, can you describe what you are doing exactly to disable the sequencer, I mean step-by-step.

Hey there rumpelfilter you where on the money, i went thru it step by step and its was simple operator error … slightly wrong timing of button pressing now i have all four turned off …
thanks again

Glad to hear that you solved it! :slight_smile: