Edges PWM

Salut everyone. Quick question, could be noobish but makes me scratch my head anyway.

I want to use 2 channels on edges with PWM and feed it a triangle from my Pitts LFO2. Now since there is no dedicated PWM range knob the LFO runs the whole range (50%-95%?) resulting in some rather “thin” notes in between. Is there a way around it? Tried attenuating the signal, rtfm and questioning myself if I understood PWM at all.

thanks in advance

You need an external attenuator/attenuverter to attenuate the LFO.

Shades does a brilliant job here :wink:

tried the pitts lfo with mos-lab 995 attenuator and the microbrute lfo with dedicated amount pot, brute giving smoother results but not perfect. i’ll read up on that shades module, maybe it’s better suited than the simple doepfer att

So with Shades (or triatt ;)) I could PWM my sweet spot range better than with a simple attenuator, right?

That’s sort of why I want a programmable unit as I can write code but not design electronics, Ardcore will do for now :slight_smile:

So anything would be possible.

But obviously the MI stuff is easier and designed to work together :slight_smile: