Edges PWM - reset?

Hi Shruthizens, Olivier,

I just calibrated my Edges, and all four voices track very well.

However, I seem to have it in a state where I can’t modulate the PW of ch1-3 by supplying a CV to any of the ch 4 inputs. I thought ch.4. CV input was the effective PWM CV input. I’m positive it worked earlier. The gate, CV, and mod inputs of channel 4 all work great at controlling ch.4, it’s just that a CV applied to any of them has no effect on the PW of ch1-3.

I’ve got all quantization off, all sequences off. Edges running off his own uzeus, all by himself, heaps of power.

Is there a global ‘reset Edges’ key combo?

Thanks, minphase

Yes, power the module on with switch 2 or 3 pressed.

Actually, I DID get PWM of ch1, but only if I insert a cable halfway into the ch4 CV input. And after a bit of fiddling, that no longer works and I get frequency modulation of ch1 for the same ‘insert halfway’ behaviour. Inserting fully removes impact on ch1, and you get proper ch4 control.

This sounds like a grounding or cable issue, but I suspect some kind of state in the Edges too. I’ll try it outside the case.

Ah, our messages crossed in the ether. Will try reset, first.

Can you modulate the pitch of channel 4 or do you have the same “only works if cable is inserted half-way” problem?

Reset, and out of the case, I get:

  • fully inserted into ch4 CV in: no effect on ch1 PW
  • half inserted into ch4 CV in: DC here has same effect as if applied to ch1 mod input.

Not sure if reset had effect. It powers up as though I had pressed ch2 or ch3 for >1s, i.e. enters menu.

Our messages are out of phase. Thanks for real time debug, P. Answer to question about ch4 – all channel 4 functions are normal, when cable inserted all the way. Can gate, pitch CV, and fmod channel 4 as expected. It’s not a ‘clearly bad’ jack. It seems more like state. Fully inserted, my edges can read the voltage at ch4 cv input just fine, and apply it to channel 4. It just has no effect on Ch1-3 pw.

> half inserted into ch4 CV in

This is normal. With the jack half inserted, the CV you send is sent along the switch, so it just hits all channels at once.

Ignore PWM for a moment. Can you modulate the pitch of channel 4?

Can channel 1 cycle through the preset pulse widths correctly?

USER ERROR: pwm will only work when the channel 1-3 is in the sixth mode - the PWM mode. Very sorry to waste your time, Olivier. Very happy it’s working correctly! Hopefully this dumb thread helps someone in future.

Remember kids, to get PWM on your EDGES:

  • channel 1, 2, or 3 in PWM mode, AND insert a reasonable CV into ch.4. CV input *

Yup - you got it, Olivier - it was about cycling through the preset widths. I assumed that PWM would apply to all of them, forgot about the special sixth one.