Edges problem?

My Edges module has been away for a little holiday in Spain.
When it got back I noticed something strange: all seems te be working well, except:
-the tuning knob of the second channel now goes reverse (from high to low)
-the tuning knob of the third and fourth channel does nothing (and this channel also does not respond to CV),
but gate and xmod work fine.

I tried resetting, quantization and sequencer off, different rack, but nothing works.

Did my Edges get a sun stroke in Spain?


Thanks very much, Olivier! Thanks to you and the old trusted SH-101 it’s totally cured!

i got same problem in channel 2 the tuning knob of the second channel does nothing… i know its something simple to fix but can’t find it yet, any help?

Try running the calibration procedure.

yes i try calibration, all channels works channel 2 still the same… any other option??

but when i move freq knob from channel 1 it moves the pitch of chanel 2

With CV cables in both channel 1 and 2?
Does it respond to pitch CV?
And the sync switch is off?

In that case it sounds like a possible hardware fault (IC3?) to me (but that needs to be confirmed with more tests).

with 2 cables i have pitch on my sequencer but knob from channel 2 still not responding