Edges Power Cable Orientation

HI there, a quick question with respect to EDGES and how to connect the power cable. Have not used it for a while and now wanted to get it back into the case … and accidentally removed the power cable.

Not the manual states: “It requires a -12V/+12V / +5V supply (2x8 connector), consuming 25mA from the -12V/+12V rails and 45mA from the +5V rail.”

But my Edges has no 5V connection and a 2x5 connector with no marking whatsover (it is original, though, no DIY, I am first owner and I might haven even bought it directly here on the site ancient times ago).

Usually I would go for red ribbon goes down (as for most Doepfer modules) but some googling revealed that this is not really a reliable “standard”. So does anyone know the orientation of the power cable for an EDGES with 2x5 connector … and can I break anything when putting it in the wrong way? (still anxious when using Grids because of the 5V issue). Thanks!

The most recent version of the module uses a 2x5 power connector and no longer requires a +5V adapter.

The back of the board has a “red stripe” marking.

Could you please post a photo of your module? I am very curious why there is no marking on the back.


a photo is attached (not a good one, though, I can send a better if needed) … I now remember that it is very likely from the very first batch (of the no 5V version) and I bought it directly on the Mutable site, so maybe a production prototype (and it is still alive!):


Yes, this is a hand-built prototype :smiley:

so a true piece of eurorack history (and diy of sorts)!

I actually also have a Tides (*) with a through-hole capacitor sticking out from the back side. These were also prototypes. I was never beta testing, these were offered discounted in the Mutable shop (when it still existed). I think with Edges the shop was already closed and it was offered via the forum.

(*) or Peaks, I think bought both at a similar time and would need to check which has the capacitor sticking out.

Well, you have the very rare privilege of being able to ask for support for what looks like a terrible DIY build :smiley:

You indeed purchased a couple of pre-production or prototype units (Tides, Peaks) from the shop. As for this module, I don’t have any record of the transaction, I must have sold it directly on the forum!


Thats how I got my peaks!