Edges gate shorting for MIDI

Hi, I just got a new-in-box old stock Edges (yay!) – how old? Old enough that it uses the 2x8 connector instead of the 2x5. I love it already, really excited to use this lovely module.
I have a MIDI expander connected to it and noticed that plugging a dummy patch cable into gate input on Edges isn’t setting the gate to normally closed mode – I have to also short tip and ring on the cable. Then it responds to the MIDI note and gate just fine. @pichenettes does this sound right to you? Maybe it was a difference in the cable detection method between versions of Edges?

There is no “cable detection method” on Edges, and thus nothing could have changed between the two versions! The inputs do not have a pull-down or pull-up, so the behavior of the module is unspecified when the input is floating (patch cable not connected to anything). When you want to use MIDI, you can patch the first Gate input to the output of a module generating a null voltage (eg a buffered multiple with no input, an output from Shades, etc.)


Ah, I see, thanks kindly for the explanation!