Edges DIY observations

Hello everyone …

thanks for letting me into the group and my apologies if i am writing in the wrong category.

I recently started to build some DIY Mutables and me and another fellow DIYist stumbled across a funky behaviour on the Edges.
The module has four dedicated channels , right ?
So, two of the channels, 1+2 are perfectly fine, produce sound, are able to be gated, modulated and one can use the frequency knobs and jacks.
But channel 3+4 produce only sound, do not react to the pots or jacks and can not be calibrated of course.
Also, really freaky, if i patch some CV into channel 2s mod input, i get the behaviour i should get on channel 4…the pulse width modulation.
What i can add is that i measured all four analog channels at the A/D converter.
They all start with 0.8V and end at 2V when using the pot.
Also i can use a CV on the frequency on all four channels.
In a way I think our analog path is fine, and of course i have no way in checking the digital side of things.
We built the hex file from the github repository using vagrant on OSX, but i also tried flashing in Atmel Studio on windows.
Both will yield the same results…i also tried three different hex files…same result.
The interesting part is that the other person has 100% the same problem which is kind of rare.
So i might assume something is going wrong either building the hex or flashing it , or we all have a bad chip.
Did anyone build an Edges lately and could share some ideas ?
That would be wonderful.


PS : Is this is not the place to ask such things, let me know and i will take it over to the cat place :wink:

This is not the right place indeed.

I’ll give you a quick answer and close this topic:

The firmware doesn’t match your board. Comment the line “EXTRA_DEFINES =-DOCTAL_ADC” in the makefile if you have built an old board with a 4-channel ADC.