Edges, braids

Is getting Edges redundant if you have Braids? There are some sounds like in the following sample at 1min40 I really like and wondering if it’s possible to get similar from braids: https://soundcloud.com/mutable-instruments/edges-demo

Its like asking if Chocolate is redundant to Gummibärchen™ - both can cause caries and are sweet :wink:

What you are hearing around 1:40 are two Oscillators both playing a different pitch. While Braids shurely can play a nice Squarewave it cant do two of them simultaneously -then x3, x4 models make Braids play chords, you cant control the pitches individually.

So the answer is if you want polyphonic square wave sounds you will need Edges. Or two Braids. Because the only thing cooler than having one Braids in your Setup is having two braids…

Thanks. I’m starting to understand.
I can practically use edges as a stand alone with just a keyboard ?

> I can practically use edges as a stand alone with just a keyboard ?

Yes, either with a quad MIDI/CV interface (the one from Vermona, or Yarns once I release it) ; or by building the external MIDI control board.

I’ve got a Doepfer a-190-2 but If I understood right that will only give me limited use of the module.

Here is a long demo I made for Edges, if you are interested

For my tastes, if I could have only one, I would choose Braids. If I can have two MI osc modules, I would choose one Braids and one Edges. That is the combo I have now and I like it! As fcd72 said, Braids does many “single voice” type things really well but Edges is like having an entire 4 voice NES sound generator in your rack, but even better with built in arp/seq and normalization for layering.

In my opinion, if you are into chiptune type sounds, you can do A LOT with Edges and its built in sequencers and a clock source. You don’t HAVE to have 4 channels of MIDI/CV to have fun and make great sounds, but that would let you get the most out of it, for sure!

I love my Pamela’s Workout and it goes really well with Edges, I think, as a way to control each of the channels’ clocks when in sequencer mode.

Pam’s, a MIDI/CV interface or the DIY control board, and Edges would be a great system for recording lofi stuff. Use an external sequencer of your preference (MidiALF is a good DIY choice!) and the system just got awesome for live use, too.

Thanks for your insight. Being that I can only afford one and that my goal is to throw together a small modular system I can be happy with (for at least a while) Braids seems better suited. But is that possible with a budget of 800 euros?

800€ to start with a Braids is nearly impossible; this very basic System is around 900€ without a case…

A CVpal would probably decrease the price a bit, but you would have to accept wonky timing on Windows…

I’d like to avoid using a computer altogether.
Guess I’ll have to save a little more.

Problem solved:

Braids 349€
LittleDieter Complet2 Build 250€ (i have one left… [/shamlesselfpromotiom])
Baugruppenträger 35€
MeanWell PSU 35€
Bus Board 16€(i have one left… [/shamlesselfpromotiom])

∑ 685€

Lacks a sequencer though… But Yay ?

Not that hard to fine one though…

well looks interesting, have to give it some thought. didn’ know about little dieter.
few questions:
litlle dieter is a completed build?
what is Baugruppenträger ?
what are the specs on the PSU?
bus board (how many connectors?)

See here for Little Dieter

See here about Bus Boards and PSUs

Fcd72 suggestion would be a good start if you can do some DIY to set up the power supply. Otherwise I would recommend checking around for a used case on Muffs or here and use a Tiptop uZeus if your used case needs power. Erthenvar and SpaceCase have some ready made portable and fairly affordable compact cases.


Really appreciate all the feedback. Beginning to realise the learning curve is steeper than I thought. Think I might try AALTO to learn a little more about how synths work before going any further.