Edges and triplets


I’m looking for a little help & ideas with Edges.

I’m trying to do fast triplets with it, chiptune style, so for now i’m using the internal sequencer of Edges and a delayed square LFO on the gate input (with Doepfer A-147-2).
The results are good, I have a single note and after a while the triplets are playing.

But here’s the problem : when I change the note, the sequence starts where it stopped. I can’t “reset” it to make it start in the beginning of the sequence when a new pitch is coming in the module.

Is anybody knows a way to play fast triplets with Edges ? Maybe something to trig the 3 VCO one after another and reset it on each different note ? I’m still a newb in the Eurorack world, I don’t know wich module could do that.

Thanks ! (and sorry for the bad frenglish :p)

The internal sequencer has no reset input, so you’d better use an external sequencer.

I think you mean chip tune style arpeggio triads as in triad chords and not triplets which is a rhythm.

I think the best way to do it is just record a 3 note sequence in Edges in the chord you want (major or minor etc…) Patch the LFO you use to clock the arpeggio in Edges in the input of a VCA. Plug the CV of whatever you use to generate the notes with. in Edges. Plug the GATE into the VCA switching on and of the the LFO that is clocking Edges. The triad will still start on another note every time and not reset but if the LFO is quite fast you won’t really notice this very much.