eBay trend - retailers selling at full list

I’ve been noticing alot of retailers on eBay essentially offering their products at the full list price, the same price they sell at in their stores. This brings up two questions… is anyone stupid enough to “win” one of these auctions, and are there any other auction sites out there that are still real auction sites?

I buy stuff on there for a few reasons. Easier, no need to fill in address all the time. Generally companies don’t want to get negative feedback and so will be more cooperative.

Okay, so maybe I better retract the “stupid-enough” comment? I just figured since you’re paying for shipping anyways, it might be easier to just buy from the store directly, although those are good points regarding the address and feedback.

I think the retailers should at least do a “best offer” so they can have a look at what the market will bear.

Well, what I like is the fact that all the shipping charges and the full price is upfront. Some sites are very bad at offering what looks like a good price only to slap on an unreasonable shipping charge at the last stage of the order (after you’ve typed your address in etc).

Also, it’s almost like a price comparison site as you can see prices from many different vendors whom you might not know about.

I tend to search the big names and then compare against ebay. Sometimes you get a bargain but other times not.

Yeah, auctioneering is kinda part of the past. I guess you are not the only one hoping for a new platform, now that ebay has turned into some kind of marketplace…

Well, the auctions are now prone to sniping. You don’t get a bargain often.

Obviously, in most cases overpriced crap. Unfortunately we do not something sophisticated like Craigslist in Germany. I mean it’s there, but nobody makes really use of it.

The only time you see something sensibly priced is for “collection only” items.

I find lots of good deals, you just make have to wait 3-6 months and walk away from auctions where your competitors REALLY WANT IT beyond the point of reason. Also keep an eye out for bad listings, typos poor descriptions etc.

Yep, also see what else they’re selling. If they’re claiming they only have one and it’s an unwanted prize or something, but they have another two listed with the same picture you do have to wonder.

Also if you collect and pay cash there’s no proof you paid or collected. So be careful who you do that with.