Ebay Shruthi sellers

Seems to be some rather misleading adverts for Shruthi builds on ebay. This for example made me chuckle:

“Only the most quality parts are used in my Professional & Clean builds”


So why use cheap carbon resistors? also the capacitors don’t appear to be high quality, no polystyrene in sight. They make quite a difference on the 4P units.

actually the cheap audio jacks all have metal nuts, only the really expensive neutrik ones have plastic nuts----

“Very happy and fast shipping!” :slight_smile:

Yes, one needs tight coupling between the 4 poles for the pole-mixing magic to work.


For a $1-2 saving in part costs.

Yes, but carbon resistors have that vintage sound!?

More variation = more analogueness.

Hey but look at that killer switch/power jack combo!

Would love to see that incorporated into shruthis more often.

And he used quality audio jacks with metal nuts, and hex screws for the case assembly.

Pretty silly to not use the right parts for the audio and exceed the quality of the rest!

I don´t understand, it does not seem like somebody trying to skimp on cost…

A sales pitch like the one below instantly triggers suspicion and distrust in my mind!

>Some Recent Feedback on my Shruthi-1 Builds.
>Positive feedback rating Shruthi Build Perfection! Master Shruthi builder. Need I say more?
>Positive feedback rating Barclay is a Master Shruthi Builder! Very happy and fast shipping![](_
>Positive feedback rating Very well packaged. Very well soldered. Intl. shipping, no complaints.
>Positive feedback rating very well built product. 100% satisfied.
>Positive feedback rating Wonderful seller. Beautifully crafted product.
_>Positive feedback rating Great Seller, Item is fantastic and professionally built)

I see an otherwise very neat shruthi in the photos.

I’m not really criticising the build quality, it just smacks of not knowing the product given the component choices.

The seller makes guitar pedals and thus has lots of parts hanging around which are obviously getting used in all of the products.

I have bought neutrik ones with metal nuts because the plastic nuts were not in stock, they were very high quality.

Not saying this is the case, but there are expensive metal ones.

Still intrigued by the silly choice of resistors and caps

I would not even think of buying it because of the cheapo caps in the filter core. Either he is aware that it won’t work well especially in the 4PM and doesn’t care (same for the resistors) or he even doesn’t understand. Personally I’m in to deliver a good working unit in the first place, looks is 2nd. But thats just me, the german engineer……

But it is beautifully crafted fantastic very professionally built master shruthi builder ?
How can you doubt credentials like that?
It somehow reminds me of a mashup between the Doge meme and a vietnamese dub of pokémon called pocket monsters…

Builder has replied that his carbon resistors are tested and are all within 2% (why would anybody buy carbon and test while metal are so easy to find?), and that he is confident that the filter works.

Next mystery: where do the boards come from?

How can anyone tell those are “Cheapo” caps? Lol!

Because they are ceramic ones with a much bigger tolerance than the recommended film caps… He does have a nice powerswitch though

In general, many of the capacitors on the board aren’t that critical in terms of tolerances, they’re just for decoupling.

On the 4P mission board there are some more critical ones and these are polystyrene capacitors. They are very distinctive looking, silver and clear casing.

Could still be 2.5% ceramic…